23-24 January 2020 Naples – Italy – The Eco-Regions at the Meeting of the Italian Network for Local Food Policies

The Italian Network for Local Food Policies Practices and projects, territories, new economies, culture and society in transition toward sustainable food systems is being promoted by a group of academic, scientific and independent researchers, from different Italian cities engaged in multiple ways in research activities related to “local food policies”. Fundamental Principles The Network recognizes the central role that food-related practices can play in transition processes toward sustainable and resilient cities. Promoting a sustainable food system at local level means to provide for healthier food, more lively urban spaces, fair pay for everyone all along the supply chain, while building local economies based on a new relationship between cities and rural areas, and among farmers and consumers. The Network for Local Food Policies The international debate generally refers to “urban food policies”, “urban food planning”, “urban food strategies”, and other terms. These expressions stem from processes which, depending on different governance contexts and dynamics, have developed different ways of managing food-related issues. During the founding meeting of the Network, held at CREA1 in Rome on January 15, 2018, around forty participants debated on choosing the Network’s name. They shared the need to identify an expression in Italian, given the willingness to interact with different actors operating in the national context (public administrators, economic actors, organizations, practitioners, activists, food-related movements and other actors of the civil society). Moreover, the use of a term in Italian aims to underline the specificity of different local contexts and the fact that the Network, through its activities and the internal and external dialogue that is promoting, aims to contributing in building up a framework for an “Italian way” toward local food.

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