Data Base of best practices in the Bio-districts.

  1. CFS44, Good practices and lessons sharing for improved nutrition – investment for healthy food systems: example 7 by INNER
  2. FAO – Agroecology Knowledge Hub, 52 profiles on Agroecology: The experience of Bio-districts in Italy
  3. FAO – Agroecology Knowledge Hub, 52 profiles on Agroecology: Organic Best Practices in Italian National Parks
  4. AIAB – Organic agriculture in protected areas
  5. IFOAM EU GROUP – Action plan for innovation and learning: 2.2 example of Bio-districts (pag. 17)
  6. IFOAM Organic World Congress 2014 Istanbul: the best practice of Bio-distretto Cilento
  7. CIHEAM BARI: Bio-distretto Cilento (HealthyGrowth project)
  8. AGRISPIN – Stories from all corners: interview with Salvatore Basile on the Bio-districts (pag. 125)
  9. IDEASS – Brochure on Bio-district (in 5 languages)
  10. VALPOSCHIAVO in Switzerland