4-8 October 2021 EducEcoRegions Short-term joint staff training event in Mallorca – Spain


3rd of October 2021, Sunday:

arrival of participants in Palma de Mallorca and accomodation at the “La Pureza de Maria retreat Centre” in Avda de Palma 11 – 07170 Valldemossa – Serra de Tramuntana – Spain (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYX1ZiwaCrQ).

4th of October 2021, Monday

9:30 – Training – part 1 – Meeting Room in “La Pureza de Maria retreat Centre”

Welcoming of participants and presentation of the Training’s Agenda by Aina Calafat (SEAE)

  • Presentation of the Project and of the aims of the International Training, creation of the “EducEcoRegions collaborative working group” by Salvatore Basile (Bio-Distretto Cilento Association – Coordinator of the EducEcoRegions Project)
  • Round of presentations and expectations (all participants)
  • Presentation of the Report on the Organic Districts (O1-A1):
    • Organic Districts in Italy and their global evolution, by Bio-Distretto Cilento
    • Organic Districts in Portugal, by AGROBIO
    • Organic Districts in France, by Bergerie Nationale
    • Organic Districts in Spain, by SEAE
  • Explanation on the Ecoregion’s Guidelines/Tool Kit (O1-A2) and the Monitoring Tool, by Salvatore Basile, Cesare Zanasi and Jostein Hertwig (by Zoom)

12:00 – Lunch walk to Es Taller Restaurant, Santiago Russiñol, 1 – Valldemossa (https://www.estallervalldemossa.com/)

14:00 Training (practical) – part 2 – Farm visit – Walk to Son Moragues organic farm located in Serra de Tramuntana, North Coast of Mallorca, with olive trees, sheepand horticulture. Explanation by owner representative (https://www.sonmoragues.com/en/).

17:00 Conclusion

19:00 Dinner at Barbaflorida Café: innovative local dishes based mainly on organic local ingredients (Plaça de la Cartoixa, 19, Valldemossa)

Return to La Pureza de Maria retreat Centre

5th of October 2021, Tuesday

9:00 Training (practical) – part 3 – Organic Market of Palma visit

Trip to Palma – Visit to the Organic Market in Palma and the historical centre of Palma (Cathedral, Market, Old Price Market)

12:30 Lunch in a Sa Caravana Cafe – restaurant with organic ingrediens

14:00 Training (practical) – part 4 – How to put into value landscape, cultural and gastronomic heritage

Trip to Raixa (https://raixa.conselldemallorca.cat/en/the-house)

Enhancement of landscape (Lamia, Jean-Armand)

Enhancement of cultural and natural heritage through proximity tourism (Ernest Cañada)

Visit to an emblematic farm in Majorca with explanation of the interpretation of the landscape and ethnological elements, by Júlia Román, professor of the Balearic Islands University

19:00 Dinner Guided Tasting of local traditional food, by Tomeu Arbona (Forn de Sa Soca), cook who won Palma’s first price on local gastronomy.

21:00 Back to La Pureza de Maria retreat Centre

6th of October 2021, Wednesday

9:30Training – part 5 – At the Finca es Galatzó

Trip to Calvià

Brief   explanation   of   Calvià   and   the   possible role of the Public Farm Es Galatzó: http://www.calvia.com/responsive/general.plt?KPAGINA=2687&KIDIOMA=2

11:00 Workshop on the role of teachers and students in the development of Ecoregions (part I) Presentation of EducEcoRegions Training Tools and discussion on teaching material (O2-A1)

12:30 Lunch at the farm; traditional local finger food by Els Fogons de Plaça https://www.facebook.com/elsfogonsdebunyola/

14:00 Workshop on the role of teachers and students in the development of Ecoregions (part II). Presentation of training experiences of different local projects and from other countries.

16:30 Trip to Port de Sóller and Sóller

19:30 Dinner at Restaurant El Guía http://restaurantelguia.com/

21:30 Trip to La Pureza de Maria retreat Centre

7th of October 2021, Thursday

Trip to Sa Pobla

10:20 Training – part 6 – Workshop with students and teacher at a Professional Training Centre (gardening, landscape, agriculture) at Pep and Maria Antonia’s Organic Farm

13:00 Lunch at Vegetarian organic restaurant Es Ginebró, Inca

15:00 Training (practical) – part 7 – Visit to Son Vell and meeting with local organic stakeholders

Felanitx – Visit to the farm and meeting with representatives of the Local Varieties Association, local Cooperative: experience with apricots, Organic Farming Association & GOB (environmental organization)

18:00 Transfer to Santuari de Cura – new accommodation (http://www.santuaridecura.com/)

20:00 Dinner: Organic finger food at Cura

8th of October 2021, Friday

9:00 Brief review of issues discussed throughout the week.

Improvement proposals.

Next steps proposal.

Evaluation of Training activity.

Certificates of participation.

11:00 Conclusions.


The weather on the island, at this time of the year, is still warm (around 18-24 ºC) but can also vary from one day to the next one. According to weather forecasts we might get some rain during the week, so we recommend you to bring comfortable clothes and shoes and some of them to be waterproof.

Before travelling to the island, you must either have a Green Pass with a QR confirming that you’ve been vaccinated, or you have to fill in the COVID-10 form in the attached link which will provide you with a QR to enter the island:

https://viajarabaleares.ibsalut.es/formulario/index.xhtml;jsessionid=fYvGaiWi68rD612EXrKNzTn 8ME3fDlWQh3-nKVNv.gantu-pro-2


If you haven’t been vaccinated nor have suffered COVID, you should have a Diagnostic test for active COVID-19 infection with a negative result done within 72 hours prior to arrival or a rapid antigen test 48 hours before arrival.

In case the local authorities find that the documents provided are not sufficient you might be requested to have an antigen test done in the first 48 hours from arrival.

Concerning your departures, and in order to help you with all the COVID-19 measures in your country/region, we have contacted two clinics:

Clínica Mallorca at C/ Marbella nº 61, located very close to the airport. The cost of the PCR is 95 euros and the antigen test 30. Tests are run daily between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the result is sent by email using a QR in Spanish and English 24 h after the test. Antigen tests are run also daily between 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and you get the results at the clinic 15 minutes after the test, and they’ll provide you with a certificate.

Besalduch Clinic has two centers: one in PALMA, C/ Blanquerna, 47. Tel. 971 718 317 and one in PORTALS NOUS, Plza. Del Alcazar, 3, local 5.

We ask that each and every one of you be informed of the necessary requirements that are demanded for your return after the trip and that you inform us upon your arrival, which exact day you should carry out the pcr if necessary.

For all those who arrive on Sunday the 3rd, Aina will be picking you up at the airport and taking you to the “hotel” in Valldemossa, or will contact you to let you know about the taxi services.

Those of you that arrive on Monday will have to take a taxi from the airport to Valldemossa.

You can contact us at:

aina calafat rogers: international@agroecologia.net

Inmaculada Gómez Remacha: inmus82@gmail.com