27 April 2021: Madeira’s adhesion to IN.N.E.R. is in the proposed “Regional Strategy for Organic Agriculture”, presented today at the Regional Assembly.

IN.N.E.R. is in the proposal of “Regional Strategy for Organic Agriculture for the period 2021-2030 of the Autonomous Region of Madeira” by the PS (Socialist Party), presented today, 27 April 2021. Article 5 expressly provides for the adhesion to the International Network of Eco Rehions – IN.N.E.R. of Madeira Island and Porto Santo. More than 40 operational objectives adapted to the regional context, divided into three strategic axes coinciding with the European Action Plan for Organic Farming: Intensifying consumption, Increasing production and Improving the sustainability of the sector, to ensure its balanced growth with a view to achieve the goal of converting 25% of the Region’s Useful Agricultural Area to Organic Production by 2030.Take advantage of the region’s natural conditions, the skills, knowledge and work of farmers and create opportunities and benefits for all.Access to the proposal of the Regional Legislative Decree “Regional Strategy for Organic Agriculture for the period 2021-2030 in the Autonomous Region of Madeira” by the PS, submitted to the Regional Assembly of Madeira on: https://www.alram.pt/pt/artigos/atividade-parlamentar/iniciativa/BZvwKpEzEeunvwBQVpYAFw/Aprova-a-Estrategia-Regional-para-a-Agricultura-Biologica-para-o-periodo-2021-2030-da-Regiao-Autonom?fbclid=IwAR16uxnItLJQv72xqfnbhKc7n3pKFQPnZRMRnA95d3Ag800yXDKsa6EJn0g

Will the other political forces support the proposal? It would be a great turning point for Madeira!