Project EducEcoRegions: foster the ecological transition of territories and communities through innovative training


DURATION: 24 months: 1st of October 2020 – 30 September 2022

AIMS: to develop and share the first European Report on Organic Districts and the toolbox of training instruments useful for the actors within the organic districts experiences of Italy, France, Portugal and Spain, usable also in the rest of Europe and of the World (all the partners of the “EducEcoRegions” project are members of the “Global Alliance for Organic Districts”, established on February 6, 2020 in Rome, with the signing of the MoU at the Ministry of Agriculture. This partnership shall provide a common baseline of methodologies and tools, enriched with very different examples in order to develop an innovative Teaching Tool Kit. The transition from uniformity to diversity profoundly modifies territorial development, research and training strategies, moving from a system that over-exploits resources in all its forms, to a logic of cooperation with nature that calls for designing development projects that respect the life and agriculture that puts in place productive and resilient technical pathways for each ecosystem. The two main objectives of the project are: improve quality of continuous vocational training and facilitate the access, in order to promote and reinforce the contribution to the process of innovation, economic growth and social cohesion; bring skills and competencies for people that are (or intend to be) involved in the eco-sustainable transition of the territories (i.e. Eco Regions), and that don’t have experience and knowledge in the area.


Report on Eco-Regions in Europe

Tool Kit Eco-Regions: text in book, E-Learning Platformm Film


15-17 April 2021 Kick-off Meeting on-line

November 2021 Partners Meeting in Spain

July 2022 Partners Meeting in France


4-8 October 2021 Training in Mallorca – Spain

March 2022 Training in Portugal

May 2022 Training in France


June 2022 Workshop in Italy

June 2022 Workshop in Spain

June 2022 Workshop in France

July 2022 Workshop in Portugal


23 March 2021 Berlin (on-line) Food System Change Congress, Session 5 “Building sustainable communities through Bio-Districts” relation by Salvatore Basile (EducEcoRegions Project’s Coordinator), introduction of the project’s activities.

25 March 2021 Bruxelles (on-line) Rural Vision week, Workshop “Revitalizing rural areas”, relation by Salvatore Basile (EducEcoRegions Project’s Coordinator), introduction of the project’s activities.

15 April 2021 Ceraso (on-line) Springtime in Bio-Distretto Cilento, Conference on “New tools to support the creation and integrated management of organic districts”, presentation of EducEcoRegions project, relations by Salvatore Basile, Emilio Buonomo, Raffaele Basile from Italy-Bio-distretto Cilento; Lamia Latiri-Otthoffer and Jean-Armand Viel from France – Bergerie Nationale, Aina Calafat Rogers from Spain – SEAE, Jaime Ferreira from Portugal – Agrobio and other experts. N. 30 participants.

15 April 2021 Ceraso (on-line) Springtime in Bio-Distretto Cilento, Conference on “Exchange of experiences with Portugal on Bio-Districts”, presentation of EducEcoRegions project, relations by Salvatore Basile. N. 22 participants.

16-18 June 2021 Lisbon (Mix on-line/in presence), presentation of EducEcoRegions Project by Jaime Ferreira of Agrobio (with use of communication tools, roll-up, flyer, etc.), relation of Salvatore Basile (Bio-Distretto Cilento) on the Long term vision for rural areas.

16-17 June 2021 Ceraso (on-line), SysOrg Workshop, presentation by Salvatore Basile and Emilio Buonomo.

6-8 August 2021 Mandruzzo (Trento), Festival Confluenze, intervention of Salvatore Basile on the EU Organic Action Plan and the EducEcoRegions training tools.

8 September 2021 Rennes, Organic World Congress, intervention by Salvatore Basile in the Workshop on Territorial scale, presentation of EducEcoRegions Project.

23 September 2021 Rotterdam, dissemination of EducEcoRegions Project at the GA Euroreso Network.

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Project Coordinator: Salvatore Basile,