6th of September 2023: presentation of the Organic Districts at the Organic Congress Japan

Video prresentation by Salvatore Basile, in English

Video prresentation by Salvatore Basile, with translation in Japanese


Creating/promoting Organic villages in partnership with  many stockholders.

Good practices in Japan and from other regions.

1, Explain “Organic Villages” that are promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery in Japan.

Speaker: Tokue Michiaki (President, Food Trust Project)

2, Promoting Organic Agriculture with partnership with wider regions.

Connecting with organic, from Mountains to the ocean.

Speaker: Mayor Kuroki Toshiyuki 

Miyazaki prefecture, Mayor of Takanabe Town.

3, Demonstrating, building the partnership with Local governments, Academima, and civil society.

 Speaker: Obara Sotaro  (President : The Organic) 

4, explaining ALGOA  by Miyoshi 

Miyoshi is moderating the session

5, Introducing GAOD 

– What is GAOD (Please briefly explain what is GAOD, history, INNER, Bio-District) 

– Example of partnership with multiple local governments 

Speaker: Salvatore BASILE, Director of IN.N.E.R., Co-President of GAOD

6, Q&A

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Organic Congress Japan:

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