8 February 2023: European Parliament, Brussels, IN.N.E.R. participates in the debate on Sustainable & resilient agri-food systems

European Parliament – Brussels
8 Feb 2023, 15:30-18:00 CET

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine continues to exacerbate the global food security and nutrition crisis, with high and volatile energy, food and fertilizer prices, restrictive trade policies, and supply chain disruptions. At the same time, the Mediterranean region is being affected by climate change to a greater extent than the global average.

Transitioning towards sustainable food systems and strengthening the resilience of Mediterranean agri-food systems to risks such as conflict, extreme weather events, economic shocks, and diseases is crucial for a longer-term response. This is a prerequisite for achieving food and nutrition security, protect the livelihoods of millions of people and preserve the unique social fabric and cultural heritage of the region.

The event aims to discuss these challenges faced by the Mediterranean region and agri-food systems in the current geopolitical context, propose solutions, and discuss opportunities for sustainable and resilient agri-food systems that will offer economic and social opportunities in the region. The event will be structured around two sessions: the first one will focus on “What the Future Holds for The Mediterranean Agri-Food Sector: Challenges and Opportunities”, and the second one related to the “Transitioning to a Sustainable Food System in the Mediterranean Region”.


15:30 – 16:45 1st Panel 

Eugenia RODRÍGUEZ PALOP – MEP, Brussels
Kateryna Shor Salvatore, Ukraine
Mouïn Hamzé, Lebanon
Pierre Raffard, co-director of Food 2.0 LAB-Paris and Lecturer in Geopolitics at ILERI-Paris
Speaker of “Ganaderas en red

16:45 – 18:00 2nd Panel
Petros Kokkalis MEP
Boban Ilic Skopje, North Macedonia
Salvatore Basile President of IN.N.E.R. Co-President if GAOD and General Secretary of Cilento Bio-District, the Bio-Districts experience
Eduardo Cuoco – Director IFOAM Organics Europe
Vasilis Vournas & George Chondros. Greece

Info: Sustainable and resilient agri-food systems in the Mediterranean in the current geopolitical context | left


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