Cilento Bio-District cross-visiting training ininerary on beekeeping

Name of the training Cross visiting training itinerary in Cilento Bio-District on Organic beekeeping

Location of the training activities National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano, Alburni. Campania Region. Salerno Province. Italy.

Learning Environment

Cilento Bio-District was constituted in 2004 and represents the first bio-district in Europe: territory that act according to the principles and methods of the organic production and consumption, that become drivers of sustainable development, adopting an integrated approach and active participation of the different territorial actors.

The bio-district approach, aiming to stimulate dialogue between grassroots experiences, governments, international organizations and the private sector, to work together in building a better quality of development, contributes to the major EU global challenge of ensuring food and nutrition security (FNS). It also aims to respond to the international agreements on climate commitments and to the current EU political priorities of growth, secure and competitive economy, a more democratic Union and the circular economy. It is also consistent with the orientations of the UN Agenda for 2030 approved by the General Assembly on September 25th, 2015.

Host Organisation

Associazione Bio-Distretto Cilento

39 Serre Street – 84052 Ceraso (Salerno)-Italy

 Conference Centre: 10, S. Silvestro Square – 84052 Ceraso (SA)-Italy


Training Responsible: Salvatore Basile, e-mail

Cross visits description

The training objectives to be achieved are the follows:

  • to build shared knowledge about innovative and sustainable beekeeping
  • to know the opportunities offered by the beekeeping activity in a natural and strongly sustainability-oriented context, such as a bio-district
  • to learn from each other and with each other about ways to effectively assist beekeepers in their efforts to innovate
  • to inspire a new approach to beekeeping: sustainable and innovative, well integrated in the local context

Training Programme

Facilitator: Salvatore Basile, General Secretary of Bio-District

Day 1

Place: Ceraso, Salerno Province, Campania Region, Italy.

  • Visit to Cilento Bio-District Headquarters, welcome to the participants, presentation of hosting Organisation, detailed presentation of the training programme, introduction to local beekeeping, with statistical data on the number of beekeepers, quantities produced, strengths and weaknesses of the sector, overview on the beeB Project, description of the Cross-visiting Methodology and of the objectives of the training.
  • Visit tour to sites of agricultural, environmental and tourist interest in the area, description of the territory and of the local  community and of the local food system,  overview on the forest beekeeping.
  • Social activity: tasting of local products and honey cakes in an organic farmhouse.

Day 2

Place: San Mauro Cilento and Sessa Cilento, Salerno Province, Campania Region, Italy.

  • Visit to beekeeping farm “Apicoltura Volpe”, introduction to the stationary beekeeping and to the mountain beekeeping problems and solutions adopted.
  • Visit to beekeeping farm “Michele Giordano” (President of beekeepers Association too), introduction to the nomadic beekeeping, bee nutrition, health issues, evolution of beekeeping in Cilento, market, legislation.
  • Social activity: tasting of local organic products at the Agr. Cooperative “New Cilento”

Day 3

Place: Roccagloriosa and Castelnuovo Cilento, Salerno Province, Campania Region, Italy.

  • Visit to beekeeping farm “Francescantonio Cavalieri”, introduction to integrated management of traditional agricultural production (old cultivars, traditional products and recipes) and beekeeping. E-commerce of hive products and local food.
  • Social activity, Visit to the Agrotourism “Anna dei Sapori”: introduction and tasting of local food and honey recipes, closing of training activities and final remarks and greetings.


  • Emilio BUONOMO, expert of the territory
  • Salvatore BASILE, expert of organic farming and organic districts
  • Pasquale VOLPE, beekeeper
  • Michele GIORDANO, president of local beekeepers’ Association and beekeeper
  • Francescantonio CAVALIERI, farmer and beekeeper
  • Anna NIGRO, touristic operator
  • Giuseppe CILENTO, mayor and founder of the “New Cilento” Agr. Cooperative


  1. beekeepers
  2. aspiring beekeepers
  3. farmers
  4. students
  5. unemployed job seekers
  6. citizens interested to know the bees world

Advertising the Training Course

The initiative will be publicised through websites, social and info-sheets available at the host’s headquarters: