EU ORGANIC AWARDS, for bio-district, region, city, farmer, SME, food retailer, restaurant: the Cerimony will be the 23rd of September 2022, in occasion of the EU Organic Day

The 23rd of September 2022 will be the EU Organic Day and the day of the EU Organic Awards ceremony!

The annual awards recognising excellence in 7 categories of the organic value chain:

  • Best organic bio-district
  • Best organic farmer (female and male)
  • Best organic city
  • Best organic region
  • Best organic SME
  • Best organic food retailer
  • Best organic restaurant

“The awards are the first example of EU-wide organic awards and are designed to follow up on the Action Plan for the development of organic production adopted by the Commission on 25 March 2021. This Action Plan takes the approach that, in order to stimulate organic production, consumer demand for organic products should grow. This requires, among other things, increased public awareness of the characteristics and benefits of organic production” (