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The Association of the Eco-Region (ABRE) of S. Pedro do Sul, brings together a group of farmers, consumers, hotels, restaurants, schools, social institutions, associations, municipalities, among others, for the development of organic agriculture from plant production, animal production, processing activity, selling to the final consumer and from the hospitality sector. 

March, 16th, 2019: founded assembly with 34 members.


The morning of 25 November 2018 could not have started in a better way: with a visit to the Terme di S. Pedro do Sul, one of the most famous and rich in tradition of the entire Iberian Peninsula, and a regenerating wellness treatment.

Then the official of the Município of São Pedro do Sul, Ângela Abreu, the true soul of the Bio-Região project, let us discover the villages of Covas do Monte, Pena, Fujaco, Manhouce, where the oldest Portuguese traditions are handed down from generation to generation, allowing the inhabitants to live in harmony with nature.

At the restaurant managed by the Associação Dos Amigos De Covas Monte it was possible to taste the meat of Serra di S. Macario with many other dairy products.

On 25 November 2018, starting at 5 p.m., the Auditório of the Balneário Rainha D. Amélia, nelle Terme di S. Pedro do Sul, hosted the public forum on Bio-Regiões.Iintroduced the meeting Ângela Abreu official of the Município of São Pedro do Sul and Vice-President Pedro Mauro, who presented the municipal policies for organic farming. Among the many speakers were representatives of producers, consumers, tour operators, schools and universities. Was introduced the municipal programme to support the conversion of farms to organic farming, which operates both in economic terms by bearing the costs of conversion, and at the level of technical assistance through an agreement signed with the Polytechnic of Viseu. The Polytechnic was represented by Dulcineia Ferreira Wessel (Pro-President) and Prof. Cristina Amaro Da Costa, who expressed the will of the Polytechnic to support the path towards eco-sustainability initiated by the Municipality of S. Pedro do Sul. The central moments of the Forum were those in which the President of the Municipality of Idanha in Nova Armindo Giacinto, Prof. Rodet and the President of IN.N.E.R., Salvatore Basile together with the Head IN.N.E.R. Portugal Custódio Oliveira, illustrated all the stages of the establishment of an Eco-Region, asking the participants to present themselves and express their opinion. On behalf of the organic producers, Ângelo Rocha, owner of the Quinta de Comenda winery and agritourism, as well as founder of AGROBIO, took part and expressed his full support for the initiative to create a Bio-Região. Representatives of the Spa, other local economic operators and consumers also took part, and all declared their willingness to proceed with the establishment of the Bio-Região.

Il 26 novembre la Dott.ssa Ângela Abreu, funzionaria del Município di São Pedro do Sul, ha accompagnato i rappresentanti INNER in una visita di studio nelle principali realtà biologiche esistenti sul territorio comunale. L’Azienda Vasco Pinto & AS LDA produce, trasforma e distribuisce prodotti biologici di alta qualità, grazie all’esperienza maturata da Vasco e sua moglie Gloria per 20 anni in Svizzera, producendo essenzialmente erbe aromatiche bio. Ora con i figli Ângela e Ricardo hanno sedi operative a S. Pedro do Sul, Algarve, Alentejo, S. Miguel-Azores e distribuzione in tutta Europa. 

On November 26, Dr. Ângela Abreu, an official of the Município of São Pedro do Sul, accompanied the INNER representatives on a study visit to the main biological realities existing in the municipality. The company Vasco Pinto & AS LDA produces, processes and distributes high quality organic products, thanks to the experience gained by Vasco and his wife Gloria for 20 years in Switzerland, essentially producing organic herbs. Now, with their sons Ângela and Ricardo, they have operational offices in S. Pedro do Sul, Algarve, Alentejo, S. Miguel-Azores and distribution throughout Europe.

The LAFOBIO LDA is located in the hamlet of Peso di Vila Maior, in the municipality of S. Pedro do Sul. It covers 7 hectares and produces vegetables, as well as being an organic nursery.

The guided tour then continued in the fields of Organic Blueberries Portinho.

The evening of November 26th was an opportunity to meet the reference organic farmer of the territory, Ângelo Rocha, in the company of a consumer representative, to talk about the needs of the local community and the expectations of the people, after the establishment of the Bio-Região of São Pedro do Sul. The need to create a network has emerged, also with other realities of other neighboring municipalities. In fact, although the commitment of the Municipality of São Pedro do Sul in launching an experience of territorial organic farming is appreciable, the need to extend the scope of the project, perhaps extending it to the entire sub-region of Lafões, which is part of the central region of Portugal, and includes 15 municipalities, seems inescapable: Aguiar da Beira, Carregal do Sal, Castro Daire, Mangualde, Mortágua, Nelas, Oliveira de Frades, Penalva do Castelo, Santa Comba Dão, São Pedro do Sul, Sátão, Tondela, Vila Nova de Paiva, Viseu, Vouzela.

The President of IN.N.E.R. Salvatore Basile conferred to Ângelo Rocha the honorary membership card of IN.N.E.R., for the role played in the spread of organic farming in Portugal, for having contributed to the launch of the Bio-Região of São Pedro do Sul and for the role it will play in the coming months within the Committee that will develop the Bio-Região, harmonizing the needs of all stakeholders (producers, consumers, public administrators, tour operators, other economic operators).

On November 27, 2018, the managers of IN.N.E.R., always accompanied by Dr. Ângela Abreu, visited the company Quinta de Comenda of Ângelo Rocha.

16th March 2019 founded assembly with 34 members

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